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Beatz is callin out Emcees!!!

3rd Phloor rep, Beatz For Food, is putting together a dope new project! The idea behind it is taking beats by Beatz, and lacing them with any and all emcees that are down. If you're an emcee and are interested in gettin in on it, hit up his soundcloud. He has been putting up beats for free download, makin it easy to get you submissions started. After you get the collab recorded, just send it to beatzforfood@gmail.com. This project will be put up on the 3rd Phloor Bandcamp site and will be available for FREE download. This will be just another way to help support the culture and it's emcees. For more info, hit up Beatz. Also hit the highlighted words to peep the tracks and support the art!

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