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Pragmatic Theory - "Summer in the City with Rhymes"

Pragmatic Theory added a 4th Album, "Summer in the City with Rhymes", to their bandcamp this weekend!!! Pragmatic is a hiphop crew from all parts of the world. Members of the crew that put beats down for this drop were ill Sugi, Gamera, S.F.T, Keith Price, DJ Sapien, Warren Xclnce, Mononome, Snubluck, Byrdversion, JP Balboa, Prozak Morris, Handbook, Artonius, Nextwon, Grossbuster, ScaleZ, MOTDAfryx_Q & Sev Seveer . This album is the vocal version of "Summer in the City", a beat tape which dropped in september. It features verses from a huge line up of emcees, including Supreme Sol, Stainless Steele, Rizv├ín, Drug, Mez, D A H L IHaZoDFrankie Stew, Ibn Hasan, Tayke One, Cor Stidak, RediBrown, Prozak Morris, The Paramedics, Classick, B.Lowe, Your Man Manic, Gigio, w.o.l.m(nrs) & AMS Nerd King. Each one of these joints is smooth and on point. All these heads are also true to the culture and in it for the right reasons. You can get "Summer in the City with Rhymes" for free download, and the other 3 joints are only 50 cents or more. So make sure hit the links and support!

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