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New Affiliate Album of the Week

John Henry Vs. Seth Mul - "For The Crown"

3rd Phloor Affiliates, John Henry Vs. Seth Mul, dropped their new album, "For The Crown", on thanksgiving. The album is a dope example of how these two southwest hip hop vets can put it down!!!! Displaying that raw style that lives on through every generation, but sadly it is scarcely heard. Both John Henry and Seth Mul rock the mics over dope hard hitting beats, all of which were produced by John Henry. The album also features cuts from the infamous DJ Grapla! There are a number of ill features on the album as well, coming from James Ciphurphace, Al Basics, Pablo S. Cobars, Habeas Corpus, Monstrosity, OneWay, Rising Sun, and Korrec The Aggressor. This is a must have for any hip hop head, not to mention it's free, so you have no excuse not to cop it immediatly!!! 

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