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"Hanstromentals" Dropped!

The first Kamerata Records release from 3rd Phloor Rep, HanSolo, is official! This album/beat tape features 21 beats. 2 of the beats have pre-recorded "open collab" parts. The first is "Language and Blasphemy" which features a hook by Al Basics. The second is "Distant Tunnel Light" which features a full verse from RediBrown. Now not only can you have a HanSolo beats to rock, but you can have a collab with 2 of the illest out there!!! This drop is to show the diverse abilities in HanSolo's beatmaking skills. The beats stand ground on their own or under emcee vocals. In fact he recommends the use of the beats for album, mixtapes, singles, demos and etc etc... Shoot him a link and maybe it leads to more in a collab sense! Thx for any and all support!!!

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