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This week we show support for Glad2Mecha!!! Peep the interview and support the artist!!!

1: Who are you and where do you rep?

My name is Glad2Mecha pronounced "Glad to meet cha". Emcee/Producer/Engineer & Co-Founder Of "Building Block Records". I was born and raised in Glendale Az.

2: What got you into Hip Hop?

Well I grew up in the 90's, so it was hard to not have Hip Hop in my life. yo MTV Raps, Lyricist Lounge, Kid & Play, Class Act, Who's The Man
all are big influence on me, the culture took me in.. the movies the lifestyle the music ..
I went to my first show when I was about 7 or 8, Power House 4 ha..ft. acts like LL Cool J, Kid and Play, and I even met Grand Master Flash ,so I just have loved the culture since a child. From a very young age it was a must that I would become a part of it ..
I use to street skate in my school days, and Hip Hop was the music in every skate video back then .. so the music had followed me forever.. I had a real bad fall and broke my arm out of place...needed surgery real bad, so after the operation on my arm I changed my profession to an Emcee.. got tons of shit for it from my skater friends ha..but this is were I have ended up..
and I have made more achievements now with Hip Hop then I ever did with Skating
and to set the record straight I rollerbladed, I was never a skateboarder.

3: How long you been making music?

10 years plus, in the dungeon blood sweat and tears my dude lol..

4: What's coming up in the future?

5 Albums in 1 year !! each album has a different producer from a different country.. I have completed the first album "Handmade" with German producer Goldfingah, so far for the box set !!! Other producers on this project will be, George Fields [Uk], Slim Moose [France], Marcos Ceeluv [Spain] & Dr. Drumah [Brazil]. Also dropping a 2 disc Beat Tape, "16 Notes & Phoenix Lights"!!! and the new Jack the Mc & Glad2Mecha (More Alike) album, "Front Street", will all be out this year.

5: Where can heads go to follow/support your music?

My Label info -


Buy or Stream Glad2Mecha -


YouTube -


Beats -


6: Shout outs or anything you like to say?

Shout out to -
Building Block Records, Last Adam Clothing, Revolver Records,Enough Names, More Alike, The Community Project, Once A Head Always Ahead ,Scott Allen, Realistic, Jack The Mc, B Rogers,VerbFromArizona, Sunshine, Jabberwalkie, Makie, Ill Treats, Kers ,Faynt Amor, Est 85,George Fields, Goldfingah ,Slim Moose, Mamastrocity, Marcos Ceeluv, Grimey L, Han Solo, Phal, Sergent Records & Mac Dough [France], Root 70 Lounge [Japan], Dj Samplistic, Beatljuice [Germany], Word Is Bond [Uk], Mellow Jazz World, Domination Rec , Digi Crates, peace to Mark & Jono Base Fm & FryBread Radio [New Zealand] and ever one else

- peace Glad2Mecha

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