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Real Support Real Radio!!!

HanSolo is starting a new podcast!!! "Real Support Real Radio"!!! This podcast will be dedicated to showcasing Hip Hop artists from around the world!!! If you would like to get you music played, submit to hansolorsrr@gmail.com. Please include all artist info/credits, as well as any links associated. Also needed are drops for the show. Something along the lines of " This is _____ and you're now listening/tuned into/hooked on (etc. etc.), to Real Support Real Radio ". Feel free to add w/e adlibs you would like also. This is yet just another attempt by 3rd Phloor, to keep the culture and art, alive and prosperous!! This is also a great chance for any and all artists trying to get some support, so take advantage of this free opportunity!!! Plus the more support the program gets the more support the artists get, a win-win situation!!! Also No discrimination, as long as you show effort and determination, it will play!!! REAL SUPPORT REAL ALL DAY!!! Look forward to the submissions and Stay Up!!!

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