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The Takin Ya Back Reverse Remix Contest!!!

You think you got the skills to outshine RediBrown on his own tracks?!?! Well than all you emcee's out there with skills, this is for you!!!
3rd Phloor Productions Proudly Presents
The Takin Ya Back Reverse Remix Contest!!!

Step #1~> Go to the 3rd Phloor Bandcamp page.
Step #2~> Click on the "Takin Ya Back... The Beats" album.
Step #3~> Download either the entire album or individual beats.
Step #4~> Write & record your own ryhmes over the beats.
Step #5~> Upload the finished recording to your soundcloud page as a private track. and share it with 3rd Phloor Productions. or send a copy via email to 3rdphloorproductions@gmail.com.

After you have completed all these steps and all the contestants have entered, we will host a month long vote on facebook. The artist with the most votes will win a fully produced and promoted E.P. with 3rd Phloor Productions. This is your chance to get some of the illest exclusive production for free as well as show your skills to a multitude of Hip Hop Heads. Worse case scenario is you have 20 beats for five bucks!!! All contestants must enter their finished "Remixes" by October 1st. Most Votes By November 1st takes the prize!!! The more you enter the more chances you have of winning!!!

For additional info and/or Questions, contact HanSolo on facebook or email to 3rdphloorproductions@gmail.com. Peace & Stay Up!!!

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