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Official 3rd Phloor Connects!!!

DJ DanO DannyBoy, 8-BzA, Immortal DJ MONK, & the artist formerly known as Iceberg Ali bringing you that mix of serious topics, chillaxed blazeini topics... all in all, just topics of whatever The DanoradiO Fam want to discuss, our take on the good, the bad & the fugly of the world, as well as showcase music of veteran and up and coming artists of Hip Hop, R&B,Soul, Reggae, Dancehall, Reggaeton, DnB,Ragga,Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Jazz,etc.. True heads just being who we are! Peace, Blessings,and Respects to all True heads and all good people in general. Official 3rd Phloor Connect!!! 

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