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Faze Blue Le'Goon is an Official 3rd Phloor Affiliate!!!

Gotta give a Shout Out to the homie Faze Blue Le'Goon!!! Hailing out of Michigan, Faze represents that old school ideal of "Get your own style"!!! Un-Bitable, Un-Deniable and Ill with the Skill. His flow style makes you drift off into another realm and describes thoughts that are usually only found in the deepest parts of the cerebellum. Not only does he keep the mic in check, but he's ill with the beats as well. Faze and HanSolo also form the crew Audible Space Helmets. With the upcoming full length in the works it will add to vast array of Drops on his Discography. Peep his bandcamp and Myspace for recent drops and past classics!!! I included his SoundCloud player as well, so you can all follow. Faze is an Official 3rd Phloor Affiliate!!! Stay Up!!!

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