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The BeatSmith's Battle Grounds!!!

The Beatsmith's Battle Grounds is a open battle ground for real heads, making real beats. Must use nothing but the featured track for sampling. Post the link, to your beat for the battle, as a comment under the sample track posted. Make sure that you "like" the page or your comment won't show up. The comment with the most "Likes", will hold the crown. Please don't start "like-ing" the entries until after the deadline for entering. No actual prize other than recognition of being Ill. Good opportunity to display your skill and connect with other cats!!!! Each battle will be 2 weeks long... 1 week for the beat makers to work their magic and 1 week for voting!!! Don't just like the page, participate in the battles by entering and/or voting!!!
For other links and comments, use the discussions tab. This will eliminate confusion and clustering on the battle page (wall tab). Also, Leave a beat battle suggestion there.


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